A delightful 80-yr-old woman, though! :) — fookyeahconradveidt

;D  I don’t have a wide variety in iTunes so my shuffle went to the same artists.  I just have my old CD collection.  You can’t go wrong with Ella and Judy.  They keep an old lady happy.

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Thanks to you, she has increasingly become one of my main role models for aging magnificently well. Oh for that bone structure! :)

Woo hoo.



The Best of was not very accurate though since I didn’t even upload the Gloria Swanson photo.  Also, nothing of the Musidora photo which was probably my most popular post all year.


1.  Sometimes I think I’m plain-spoken and that I may not articulate my thoughts well with the written word but what I lack in crafting words I feel I make up for in sincerity.

2.  I try to see the beauty still left in nature and people.  I have to remind myself to take notice sometimes but I believe it keeps me sane.

3.  I hope to and try to learn something new every day. 

4.  I love to laugh.

5.  I hope I present myself as being no better than anyone else. 

This is more like random facts but oh well….it’s what popped in my head.

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Aw…I crush up Fergus’ medication & put it in his wet food & now Moe is getting half a pill too, so I also am giving it to him in a spoonful of food. I had to grab & hold Beezer to throw it down the back of her throat, though. :(

I was able to get her in a pet carrier though it was not fun for either of us and made a trip to the vet.  She got a steroid shot and hopefully all will be well soon.

Hello! Once you get this, share five random facts about yourself and send this to your ten favourite followers. ♥ — fookyeahconradveidt

You’re definitely one of my favorite followers.  :)

1.  Autumn is my favorite season. 

2.  Recently an animal crawled into my car somewhere and died.  And then I nearly died from the putrid stench.

3.  I hate making small talk with people that I don’t know well and I don’t expect to see much of in the future.  *blah blah blah*

4.  I love word games.

5.  I get a bit obsessed with hand sanitizer and think about those carefree, germ-filled childhood years. 

“Fabulous” is indeed the first word that comes to mind! :)
She really was. :) I also found the slide of her holding a chimp, but my scanner isn’t really equipped for slides and the scan came out too dark.  I need to have them all digitized.

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I can totally see it here but I don’t usually.

I think it’s certain features.  The jawline mostly.  But don’t listen to me, I mistook Debbie Reynolds in Halloweentown for Piper Laurie.  Actually in a gif here, I haven’t seen Halloweentown.  

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Absolutely—& I don’t understand that for the same reasons. I’ve had this Tumblr for 2 yrs & my LiveJournal for 11 yrs, & I could *never* delete them—they’re a part of who I am/who I used to be. It’s disrespectful to yourself+your subject+followers.

Right.  Exactly. :)  Thanks for deciphering my early morning rant.  You’re the bestest.

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Nooooo, don’t leave Tumblr! I would miss your posts, even if I don’t always reblog them or say anything.

Hmm?  I’m not leaving. :)  I’m sure I will phase out of tumblr one day though.  My point is that I’m always left with a question mark in my mind when people delete their blog/website.  I don’t understand spending the time scanning, researching, sharing information about a person and then removing completely everything you initially wanted to share.  I feel as though it becomes less about the person whose memory you want to preserve.