Deborah Kerr at the Lux Radio Theatre on October 18th, 1948.


"Some people look sensational with make-up but I’ve learned that it destroys the character of my face and the less I use the better I look." (Deborah Kerr)


Deborah Kerr


Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (1957)

Deborah Kerr on the set of Three Roads to Rome. Photo by Loomis Dean, 1961


 “An actress must be enormously observant. When I enter a room,
for instance, I notice what people in the room are wearing. I observe how they sit, stand, talk.
I’m not a nosey busybody — all these things are grist to an actress’ mill. People are my perennial study. Everything I observe is put away deep within my memory, and whenever I need it I reach in and drag it out of my subconscious.” (Deborah Kerr)


Deborah Kerr



“I suppose the part nearest me is Laura Reynolds in Tea and Sympathy. Of course playwright Bob Anderson didn’t know that, but he wrote Laura Reynolds and Laura Reynolds happened to be me. It was the coming together of a part and an actress - the same attitude to life, a certain shyness in life, a deep compassion for people who are being persecuted for anything.